Mobirise review

Amazon Fire TV

Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV has over 375,000 Subscribers and growing daily.  It's the place to watch Rare and Off-the-Beaten-Track Indie made feature films and shorts. Filmmakers are invited to join us. Plus there's news like the latest Volcano eruptions, and there's classics like The Lucy Show, Dick Van Dyke, and The Avengers.  NO ADS.  One-time $2 charge.  Family Friendly.


"Movies Plus TV" on Roku is the free version of our Flagship channel on Amazon.  Subsidized by Ads, it's a great way to watch FREE.  

And our rare and sometimes odd selection of Indie made features and short films are sure to offer you an alternative to the typical fair found on Roku.  Filmmakers are invited to stream their movies.  Movies Plus TV streams Family friendly content.


Different content than our other Apps, Movies Plus TV on Android features Youtube content.  It's a free App with a great selection of categories including CGI, Web-TV, Fandom, and more.  

Filmmakers and Multi-media producers are invited to stream their content.  Watch Free; with a few ads that support this App, it's a great experience for Cells and Tablets.


The Movies Plus channel in cooperation with Film Festivals and Filmmaking Organizations worldwide. This is the destination for filmmakers who wish to input their content into the Movies Plus Android App.  Adding content to Youtube puts you on our radar.  If you video does well on Youtube, then we will stream it on our Android App, and maybe to over 425,000 Subscribers on our Roku and Fire TV channels.